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Il tartufo Tre Scalini

The truffle

Our speciality

Joy, longing, nostalgia: these are just some of the sweet sensations that the Tartufo instils in the hearts of those who have tried it. A speciality that is wholly synonymous with Piazza Navona and Tre Scalini, in a triangle of exquisiteness and beauty that has become legendary.

The Tartufo was created after World War II, at Tre Scalini, run by the long-standing owners, the Ciampini family. A scoop of dark chocolate ice cream of the finest quality, covered with chocolate chips, with a caramelised cherry inside. Its appearance evoked the black truffles that grow abundantly in the heart of Italy, between Lazio, Abruzzo and Umbria, hence the name.

Tre Scalini's Tartufo was an overnight sensation. Known throughout the world, often imitated but never matched, it's still the best way to top off every visit to Piazza Navona.

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